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DCU’s Doom Patrol

Over the weekend we binged DCU’s Doom Patrol. It was surprisingly good. Funny, heartfelt, touching, and weird.

There was a swarm of carnivorous butts.

At one point, a mouse and a cockroach make out.

It was really weird.

We didn’t go into it with many expectations. I didn’t know a lot about the comics – they were included in the mountains of comics my uncle used to drop off to us every month when I was a kid, but I never thought much of them. It seemed like every time I flipped through one of their books, it was right in the middle of some surreal nonsense escapade that wasn’t even particularly good, so I basically ignored them.

Still, a brief clip of the show popped up during the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths, and that caught my boyfriend’s interest. Since we didn’t have a lot else going on this weekend, we popped an episode on.

And it was really good, you guys. It was all found family and traumatized outcasts banding together, broken people putting themselves back together, and just, like, a lot of hilarious swearing. Who knew Brendan Fraser was so good at dropping an F-bomb? More like F-salvos, really. Strafing runs of F-bombs.

Anyway, this show hadn’t been on my radar because I never thought much of the comics, and if you’re in that position too, give it a go. It was great, and a ton of fun, and they’ve got a season two coming out sometime this year that we’re looking forward to.