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Medicare for All

One of my favorite conversations online to stumble across is one where a bunch of non-American people find out for the first time how much Americans get charged for health care, and then watching baffled Americans who don’t know about other countries react to their outrage.

Non-American: You paid HOW MUCH for a broken arm?
American: And that was with insurance.
Non-American: I broke my arm two years ago and it was FREE.
Other Americans: What. 🤯

And this will go on at some length, with people on both sides getting increasingly outraged at the prices Americans are paying.

Which, for the record, are wildly inflated.

So the next time you’re all like “But how are we supposed to pay for Medicare for All,” or you run across someone who’s saying that, first start out at “Well, a complicated childbirth doesn’t actually cost multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars to deal with,” and go from there.

Tumblr Conversation discussion US medical prices and how people might think we can't afford Medicare for All because they think health care actually costs what Americans get charged for it.