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The House has issued two articles of impeachment against Trump.

The House Judiciary Committee announced two articles of impeachment against Trump this morning: obstruction of Congress, for obstructing the hearings, and abuse of power, for attempting to bribe Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 elections.

Next the House will vote on the articles of impeachment, and since the Democrats have the majority, the vote will likely pass. After that, the Senate will hold a trial, and since the Republicans have the majority there, Trump will likely be acquitted.

I cannot fathom what would need to occur to have the Senate convict Trump and remove him under the current conditions. After watching the behavior of the House Republicans, I can’t even convince myself that the Senate would vote to remove Trump if he actually did gun someone down on 5th Avenue in broad daylight.

I emailed my senators and representatives this morning to let them know I supported impeaching Trump in the House and convicting him in the Senate. My reps are all Democrats so they were going to vote for that anyways, but I like them to know I support that shit since they’ll also be hearing from right-wing loons on the topic.

We’re about 10 months out from the 2020 elections. Not one single thing has been done to secure those elections, so I have no doubts that Trump and the GOP will cheat them some way or another. I figure it’s about 80/20 that Trump gets re-elected.

I’m more concerned about what happens if he does lose in 2020, or when he hits his term limit in 2024. Because I don’t think this man means to peacefully leave office under any circumstances.