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Really? Really, NBC?

“It was substantive, but it wasn’t dramatic,” says the article.

“… the first round felt more like the dress rehearsal for a serious one-act play than the opening night of a hit Broadway musical,” says the article.

“And yet Taylor and Kent failed […] by dropping no bombshells and largely repeating the testimony they gave congressional investigators at depositions previously held behind closed doors,” says the article.

“There’s time for Democrats to tell a more compelling version of the story — keeping in mind that the attention span of most Americans doesn’t match that of most C-SPAN viewers,” says the article.

Calling Wednesday’s impeachment hearing “boring” or “dull” is the GOP marketing message. Various GOP lawmakers and Trump flunkies trotted it out yesterday and this morning and Fox News landed on it with both feet, their pundits frothing to spit the words out on live TV.

They need you to think of this as boring and inconsequential. They need you to not pay attention. Because Trump has admitted live on TV that he and his administration attempted to extort a claim of corruption investigations into Joe Biden’s son out of Ukraine.

Ukraine is, as I type, being slowly invaded by Russia. Ukraine desperately needs aid and support from the United States to rebuff that invasion. Congress mandated aid and support to Ukraine to help them withstand Russia’s aggression. Trump and his administration deliberately withheld that aid in an attempt to give themselves an advantage in the 2020 election. Trump and his administration didn’t release that aid until they found out about the whistleblower and that the whole scandal was about to blow up in their faces.

We know this. We have corroborated evidence of this. Trump has admitted this on TV.

House committees have been investigating this for several weeks. We have quality witnesses coming forward with what they know, and providing a mountain of reliable evidence showing that Trump and his administration attempted to extort a foreign country to influence our elections so Trump could win.

There are firsthand witnesses who were on the call and involved with the conspiracy who could testify, and they are refusing to do so and/or being prevented from doing so solely by Trump and his administration, who does not want these people under oath and in front of a House committee. Because if they told the truth, Trump would be 100% done.

So the GOP desperately needs you to not pay attention to what is happening. They must convince you that this is baseless, partisan, and illegitimate. Because they are guilty, and they have no other way to weasel out of this.

This article from NBC is wildly irresponsible.

These impeachment hearings might be dry. No one sings, nothing explodes. Captain America won’t be showing up to throw Mjolnir around.

But this is not dull. This is history. For only the third time in the entirety of America as a country, we’re impeaching a president. And it’s a president who is arguably the most corrupt person to ever hold the office.

What happens in these hearings has nothing to do with how exciting they may be to watch. It has to do with the heart of America, and what kind of nation we are. It has to do with what kind of nation we will be going forward. This may be the single most important moment in our lives. This is the moment where we decide if we’re a corrupt rogue nation run by a tinpot dictator, or if we’ll attempt to live up to the mythology of America.

And articles like this only further the will of the GOP, who are very much on the side of America as a corrupt rogue nation.