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Donald Trump doesn’t get to have a good day.

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight tweeted this dumbass thing this morning:

Donald Trump is a monster who crimed, conned, lied and grifted his way into a presidency.

Donald Trump tried to kill millions of Americans by stealing their healthcare. He continues to try to do that even now.

Donald Trump stopped women, children and families who were legally seeking asylum at our border, separated them, deported the parents, and adopted out the kids, with no way to trace where those kids went. He stole children from parents. He put kids and families in concentration camps – camps that are still in operation right now. Children died. Children are dying. Parents died. Parents are dying.

Donald Trump abandoned our allies, the Kurds, and in so doing very nearly screwed up the operation that ended with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s death, the thing he supposedly “deserves” a good day for doing.

Donald Trump routinely disrespects our other allies and cozies up to dictators and murderers.

Donald Trump has been accused of rape multiple times by credible victims. He’s also been accused of child rape. He was also buddy-buddy with child trafficker and rapist Jeffrey Epstein. I’m just saying.

He doesn’t get good days. Not now, not ever again.