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Trump & the Ukraine scandal

Today’s news is consumed with Trump’s criminal Ukraine scandal.

💵 The Trump administration has said there was “no quid pro quo” because Ukraine didn’t know that the Trump admin was sitting on their aid funds. Turns out, Ukraine totally did know. (New York Times)

🇺🇦 The US envoy to Ukraine, William Taylor, testified in Congress yesterday and laid out a pretty clear and damning timeline for Trump and his administration withholding aid from Ukraine to force Ukraine to fake up an investigation into Biden and related conspiracy theories. (Politico)

🐘 The House Intelligence Committee was deposing an impeachment witness today in a SCIF, a special secure room, and non-committee-member Republicans forced the doors open, stormed the room, and basically staged a sit-in as a political stunt. Since the Republicans brought their electronics – smartphones, etc. – in with them, they have breached the security of the SCIF. I think this situation is still ongoing. (CNN)

A few quick notes about the Republicans storming the SCIF:

  • They have claimed that they pulled their stunt because Republicans aren’t involved in the impeachment hearing. Republicans are definitely involved in the hearing, as it was held by the House Intelligence Committee, which Republicans are members of.
  • These idiots were tweeting and broadcasting from inside the SCIF.
  • Here’s a Twitter thread on why what the Republicans did was so alarming.
  • “In reality, more than 45 House Republicans — nearly a quarter of the House GOP conference — already have full access to the depositions through their membership on one of the three panels leading the impeachment inquiry. During the depositions, Republican lawyers are given the same amount of time to question witnesses as Democratic counsels.” (Politico)
  • Of course they’re keeping the impeachment proceedings mum. For one thing, there’s probably national security stuff being discussed, and for another, if it were public, Trump would be shitting it all up in the media while his cronies used the revelations to get their lies straight and consistent.

📈 A Quinnipiac University National Poll has found that support for impeaching Trump has risen to 55%. (

🥱 Meanwhile, apparently some Republicans are getting tired of covering for Trump? I guess? I don’t quite buy it, myself. (Daily Beast)