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Robert Mueller testified in Congress today.

I didn’t bother to watch because as far as I was able to tell from reporters and Twitter chatter, not a whole hell of a lot was going on. Republicans yelled, monologued, and muddied the waters with Fox News conspiracy theories. Democrats did a shit job of questioning Mueller, with the exception of Adam Schiff, who apparently did a pretty decent job.

As far as the upshot goes, Mueller confirmed that he didn’t indict Trump because of the Dept. of Justice rule that says sitting presidents can’t be indicted, but that Trump could be indicted after he leaves office. Trump ordered Don McGahn and others to lie to Mueller’s investigators. Mueller says that Trump’s people lying to him impeded his investigation. Mueller says that he didn’t clear Trump of obstruction of justice.

We knew all this already. We knew it even if we didn’t read the Mueller Report, because the media’s been reporting on this shit for, what, two and a half centuries, now?

Trump is a liar, a fraud, and a criminal. Trump should be impeached and then, once removed from office, indicted, given a trial, and if the universe is decent and good, put in jail for his remaining lifespan, and the same for all the toadies and cronies in his administration.

That won’t happen, though, because the House Democrats don’t have the sack to do it, and if they did, the Senate wouldn’t convict Trump. So, as always, if we want something done about the criminal president, we must do it ourselves.

Vote blue in 2020. It doesn’t matter who the Democrats run. It really, really doesn’t. We must keep the House in 2020, take back the Senate if at all possible, and vote for whichever yahoo, whomever it is, that the Democrats run for president. If, by some miracle, we accomplish all that, then we have to crawl up our representatives’ collective asses and die until they fix the hot mess that Trump and 30+ years of shitty, treasonous Republicans made.