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Pt. 2 of the first Democratic debate: Kamala Harris wins, hands down.

I unfortunately don’t have time to get into the second night of the debate in depth the way I did with the first, so we’ll do a quickie rundown.

Kamala Harris won, pretty much hands down in my opinion. Pete Buttigieg also gave a good accounting for himself, although he remains a bit too moderate for my tastes.

Bernie bernied and Biden bidened, by which I mean they basically did and said exactly what I expected them to, without really managing to stand out much from the crowd. The one notable thing about Biden was how badly Harris rattled his cage with her attack. He didn’t really recover from that.

No one else really managed to break out, except Marianne Williamson, whoever she is, and she broke out for being super weird, which is, y’know, not what you want to do.

Here’s the big Kamala Harris/Joe Biden moment everyone’s talking about.

(Image credit: screencap from this YouTube video of the complete debate.)