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The Mueller Report – redacted by William Barr – is out.

The Mueller Report, as redacted by William Barr, is now available. It’s 448 pages long, and you can read it, well, basically everywhere, I think, but here it is at the Washington Post. (Also at NPR, in case you hit WaPo’s paywall.)

I haven’t had a chance to read the report and I’m not seeing many roundups of high points from news sources yet. I think the report just hit the web, so I assume it’ll take everyone a bit to get their reporting together.

A few things to know about the report, though:

  1. This version of the report was redacted by William Barr, who is a Trump flunky through-and-through, and who also has a history of covering up shady dealings for shady administrations.
  2. Trump’s attorneys got to see the report before anyone else did, along with the Trump administration and coverup artist Barr. They’re already out in full spin mode, lying their fool heads off and shoveling the bullshit just as fast as they can.

I’ll be back later on with links to good stuff when folks start issuing roundups and analysis of the report.

Updates (Added As I Find Them)

UPDATE: Okay, as of 11am (PST), it seems like the deluge of hot takes has slowed down a smidge. I’ve got some other stuff to handle, so I’m off for a bit. I’ll probably toss up a new post later this afternoon/evening with a roundup of (hopefully) some more nuanced analysis and commentary.