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Trump, Barr, Notre Dame, & more

This is an extremely Monday-ish Monday, y’all. I have, like, zero motivation today.

5 Things to Read Today

  1. William Barr has a history of covering stuff up for shady administrations. Just Security has a write-up of one of his other coverups. Read it here.
  2. The House subpoenaed Trump’s taxes, which they are legally allowed to do for basically any reason. Trump is refusing to comply. Politico has the story.
  3. A version of the Mueller Report redacted by William Barr (see first bullet) is coming this Thursday. Once it’s out, be sure to call your congressfolks and remind them that they are entitled to see an unredacted version and should demand to do so, and that the public should be allowed to see a version redacted by an unbiased third party (at least). Here’s the New York Times article about it.
  4. The Notre Dame Cathedral caught fire today, taking extensive damage. Sounds like they managed to save at least some of the art and artifacts, though. It’s goddamn heartbreaking to see all that history go up in flames. Vox article.
  5. Lifehacker has a pretty good “how to get started getting healthy” article today. Read it.