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Mueller investigators say Barr’s summary letter isn’t accurate. Quelle surprise.

The Mueller investigation is kind of famous for not leaking, like, anything while they investigated. Until yesterday.

The New York Times broke the news yesterday evening that folks from the Mueller investigation disputed Barr’s summary and conclusions.

Not long after the Times broke the news, the Washington Post had a follow-up with more information. That is, “But members of Mueller’s team have complained to close associates that the evidence they gathered on obstruction was alarming and significant.”

This morning Jonathan Chait, of New York Magazine’s Intelligencer, is pointing out that it looks an awful lot like Attorney General William Barr is covering something up for Trump. And you might be tempted to think Barr wouldn’t do that because he’s definitely, eventually going to get caught. But Chait helpfully reminds us that Barr’s the guy who helped Regan’s bunch cover up Iran-Contra.

So, let’s review:

Donald Trump and his administration have lied and lied and lied. Trump’s administration is jam-packed with people who have all kinds of unsavory ties, along with plenty of folks who’ve been flat busted for various acts of corruption. The Trump administration has demonstrated on a daily basis that they can’t be trusted to tell you that the sky is blue. And if they do tell you the sky is blue, it’s only so they can distract you and pick your pocket while you’re not looking.

This is the administration that hired William Barr, a guy who was already famously involved in covering up for a crappy administration’s illegal actions, as Attorney General.

William Barr’s opinions about whether or not Trump committed obstruction of justice were already quite well known, because he wrote a 19-page memo to the Department of Justice outlining how the president couldn’t be convicted of obstruction, before he was even appointed.

For all these reasons, and so very, very many more, we cannot take Barr’s word, or the Trump administration’s word, on anything. And most especially we can’t take it when it comes to the Mueller Report.

Image credit: Robert Mueller. (Source and licensing.)