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Lies, the Barr summary, & the Mueller Report

See, here’s the thing: If you’re bald-faced lying all the time, and we find out, then we can’t believe you anymore. You have what’s called a “credibility problem.”

That’s the Trump administration in a nutshell. First day on the job, Trump’s lying about his inauguration crowd sizes. Like, blatantly lying, when there’s photo and eye witness evidence proving that he’s full of shit.

He’s continued to do that for over two years now. Thousands of lies, all fairly easily disprovable.

We know this dude can’t tell the truth. And we know that the people who work for him, his administration, will carry his water without reservation, backing up his obvious lies and adding to them with lies of their own at the drop of a hat.

Trump handpicks his employees specifically for this trait.

The Republican party is happy to go along with it, too, but that’s no surprise. The GOP has always been happy to lie right into your face to further their own ends.

So we know – we know – we can’t believe the Trump administration or the GOP on anything.

That’s why you can’t believe what William Barr has to say about anything Robert Mueller might have reported to him. Even if Barr was himself trustworthy, and that’s pretty damned debatable, the administration he works for is so thoroughly contaminated by liars that we’d have to be fools to believe him on anything.

We have to see the Mueller Report for ourselves. Barr says it exonerates Trump. The GOP says it exonerates Trump. Trump says is exonerates Trump. But they won’t let us see it. Why not?

The only logical answer is that the report is damning, and the Trump administration and the GOP is lying about it. They’re hiding something. They’re covering something up. We have to think that because they won’t show us otherwise and they’ve already proved that they’re liars.

And let’s be clear here. The Mueller Report may very well “exonerate” Trump. Trump’s been a criminal his whole life, so by now he must have figured out how to do some crimes while keeping his hands clean. I’m also willing to believe that Trump and the people in his orbit are just really dumb and generally corrupt, so they may have done a bunch of shady garbage that aren’t actually, legally crimes. Either or both of those things could be true.

Hell, maybe he’s even innocent of conspiracy and obstruction. Pigs might fly, you never know. But we can’t believe that, because Trump and his bunch have spent more than two years in office teaching us that you can’t believe a goddamn word they say.

So if you want to peddle this “Trump is exonerated” trash, you’re gonna have to lay those cards on the table where we can see ’em. Otherwise it’s just more proof that the GOP is full of shit.

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