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Trump Tweets

Donald Trump, Twitter, 1-23-2019
Yes, these are the tweets of a rational mind.

It’s tempting to make fun of this garbage, but you have to remember that there’s only one thing this guy is any kind of good at, and it’s branding. When he does it, it looks like this, and it often works. So watch out for this crap.

So, a few things to know, here.

  1. Is the wall under construction? Short answer: No, not really. Longer answer: He got some funding last year for some repairs to existing walls/fences, and to extend some of the existing fence, so, sorta? (, NBC News, NPR.)
  2. Crime rates are down significantly already, and have been falling steadily and dramatically for a couple of decades now. (Pew Research, Vox, Brennan Center.)
  3. Specifically at the southern border, crime has been falling steadily over the last few years. (,, Brookings Institution)