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5 Things to Read Today

Busy day ahead, folks. Here’s a few things to read today. Topics include young people voting, Fox News, amnesty for immigrants, Gab, and solutions to gun violence.

🗳️ Young people say they plan to vote at near-historic highs: “A high number of young voters could turn out in the 2018 midterms, according to a new poll from the Harvard University Institute of Politics.”

🦊 A Country Awash in Fox’s Dark Toxins: “It seems clear that had I not happened to see it and share it to my relatively large following on Twitter and TPM with a bit of explanation of the rhetoric, it would have gone entirely unnoticed and be just another example of the torrent of anti-Semitic and racist conspiracy theories that routinely flow over the Fox networks.”

💡 The case for amnesty: “Of course an amnesty would accomplish what squishy liberals want to accomplish in terms of offering a humane solution for well-meaning people in their families. But it would also move the ball forward on almost everything restrictionists say they want, turning up the heat on both genuine dangerous criminals and scofflaw employers. What’s more, granting legal status to long-settled workers will increase tax revenue and give them more opportunities to save and invest, thus boosting the economy.”

👉 Gab, Site Where Synagogue Shooting Suspect Posted, Is Suspended: “ is a social network that touts itself as an alternative to Twitter and Facebook to give conservatives a platform for free speech. But it also has been criticized for providing a platform for anti-Semitism and white nationalism. The site has come in for increased scrutiny since the shooting.”

📌 I’ve covered gun violence for years. The solutions aren’t a big mystery: “In my coverage of these shootings, I’ve always focused on solutions through studies and policy ideas that would tamp down on the number of shootings. The good news is there are real solutions out there.”