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Our federal deficit went up 17% over 2017 because of the GOP tax cuts.

Busy day ahead again, but I just want to point this out real quick. Here’s the story in the New York Times: Budget Deficit Jumps Nearly 17% in 2018.

In 2017, the federal budget deficit was $666 billion. In 2018 it’s $779 billion. That’s due to the GOP’s big tax cut, the benefits of which largely went to the rich. Your average person hasn’t seen much, if any, increase in their paycheck.

Because the deficit’s exploding, Mitch McConnell and his GOP minions are now talking a big game about cutting spending on Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Because of course they are; it’s what they do.

Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare are all programs that we pay into via taxes to help take care of the poor, sick, disabled, and elderly.

The GOP voted in a drastic tax cut written to give fat wads of cash to rich people. Now they want to pay for that tax cut by stealing money from those among us who are the most in need of help.

The Republican party is stealing from you and lying to you about it.

Look, you can say what you want about the Democrats. They have plenty of faults to complain about. But at least they aren’t actively trying to kill you by taking away your healthcare while stealing the money out of your pockets and the food off your tables.