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Today: Elizabeth Warren, Trump’s ’60 Minutes’ Interview & More

I’ve got a busy day ahead and I stayed up too late last night, so we’ll make this one quick.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren released DNA test results that show she has at least some Native American ancestry. Trump doesn’t care.

Also, Trump “promised” back on the campaign trail that he’d give a million bucks to Warren’s charity of choice if she took a DNA test and it showed she had Native American ancestry. When asked about it today, Trump said it never happened, despite the fact that it’s on tape.

Meanwhile, Trump did an interview on 60 Minutes last night where he pretended the Russian interference in the 2016 elections wasn’t a big deal; ignored humans rights abuses in favor of getting along with dictators and murderers; claimed General Jim Mattis was “sort of a Democrat” and dodged answering if Mattis was leaving the administration; crapped on our international allies again; denied climate change and tried to claim it would reverse itself anyways; and admitted that the White House is a swirling storm of chaos, that he doesn’t trust anyone there, and that he likes it that way. Read about it here.

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Hurricane Michael basically scrubbed the Florida panhandle flat. You can read about the destruction here, here and here. Trump’s on his way to visit.

And, to wrap things up, Sears declared bankruptcy.