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The Flash: Nora (S5, Ep. 1)

The Flash is back! On one hand, there were a lot of cool things in this episode. On the other hand, there were a few annoying CW/Flash things in this episode.

(Spoilers, y’all.)

The Flash: Season 5

Cool Things

Drunk Cisco was funny. Hungover Cisco was a riot. We got the ring with the suit in it – finally! – and it was apparently made by a protege of our Atom, Ryan Choi. Ralph Dibney figured out time travel and the “many” -verse all on his own (“And all of you already knew this, didn’t you?”). Plus, we got a new set, the lounge (“You finally found my spot. I’ve been napping in here since Day One.”) Also, Cecile’s apparently keeping her telepathy?

Annoying Things

Of course Nora’s back to save her dad. And of course Barry didn’t tell anyone about it. Oh my gaaaaawd how many times do we have to do this “keeping a secret” plot?

Also, are you seriously trying to tell me Barry’s been staring at that damn newspaper for four seasons and is only just now thinking about the part where the Flash disappears in a crisis?

We’re going to have to deal with Iris being hurt and pushy about her relationship with Nora instead of having her immediately be like, “Something is weird, here… Barry’s about to die or something, right? Damn it.”

To Summarize

Over all it was a great episode – funny, set up a lot of fun plot-related things for the season, new costumes, new sets, all sorts of good stuff. I like Nora, I’m glad Ralph’s sticking around, I’m interested in the side plots that were introduced, I’m looking forward to whatever comes of Killer Frost’s “disappearance.” I just wish the show could get over a few of it’s trope-y plot hangups.

Line of the Night Award

It obviously has to be Ralph Dibney’s “I mean, if Eddie wanted to erase Thawne from existence, why didn’t he just have a vasectomy?”


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