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2018-2019 TV Preview

It’s October, which means one thing: My TV shows are coming back.

I mean, it also means a lot of other things, like the midterm elections are 35 days away, and Halloween is coming up, and it’s almost winter, and you really should have started your Christmas shopping already, and all sorts of stuff like that.

But really, the important bit is the TV shows.

📺 TV Series

Of all the shows I have listed up there, I have to say the one I’m looking forward to the least is Arrow. The back half of that last season was just so frickin’ tedious. We still haven’t finished it. I guess Oliver went to prison or some junk? Do I need to know anything more than that?

💻 Netflix

There’s no word yet on when season 4 of Lucifer will hit – sometime in early 2019 is anyone’s best guess. However, word has it that Tom Ellis will have nude scenes in the Netflix season, which I point out because the actor seems to have panicked over that a bit and hit literally all the gyms. Dude looks like Captain America now.

Iron Fist‘s second season dropped a couple weeks ago and we’ve only watched the first episode of that. I heard it was better, but I haven’t been able to work up the interest yet. I just hate everyone on that show so much. The only character I really have any interest in is Colleen. I don’t suppose Danny dies and she ends up being the Iron Fist, does she? Because then I’d be interested.

📽️ Movies

Upcoming movies that I have any interest in are thin on the ground. Aquaman comes out early next year I think, but I’m not giving movie theater money to a DC movie until they prove they’re worth it. I think Venom is actually out in a couple of days, but I can’t summon any interest at all in that. We might catch it some night on Netflix if we’re bored.