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Senate Judiciary Committee Votes on Kavanaugh

  • Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) is a yes to confirm Kavanaugh; Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN) is a no. This is notable because Flake is a sanctimonious git who’s made hay verbally opposing Trump while voting along party lines at every opportunity, and Donnelly is an embattled Democrat facing a 30 point disadvantage in his re-election. (Washington Post)
  • Kavanaugh and the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary spent the afternoon throwing crybaby tantrums, screaming red-faced at Democrats for having the audacity to want to make sure we don’t put a rapist on the Supreme Court. Their anger is a symptom of fear. (Vox)
  • Rachel Mitchell is an Arizona sex crimes prosecutor. She’s the lady the Republicans had question Christina Ford yesterday. You’ll notice Mitchell disappeared after questioning Kavanaugh for a bit. That’s because her line of questioning was zeroing in on a date in Kavanaugh’s vaunted calendars, July 1, where he had made note of a party that seemed to fit Christina Ford’s description. (TPM)
  • The American Bar Association has called for a pause in the hearings to investigate claims against Kavanaugh. (Associated Press)
  • The Senate Judiciary Committee is about to vote to send the Kavanaugh nomination out of committee and to the Senate for a full vote. (CSPAN)


The Senate Judiciary Committee voted yes right along party lines to advance Kavanaugh to a full floor vote. Sen. Flake said he wanted a week-long FBI investigation before the full floor vote, but voted yes to move Kavanaugh out of committee anyway. This means that Flake’s call for an investigation is entirely contingent on Mitch McConnell agreeing to it and Trump actually ordering it, so the chances of it happening are slim to none.


  • “President Donald Trump will order the FBI to conduct an investigation into allegations facing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, CNN reported on Friday, citing a White House official. Earlier on Friday the Senate Judiciary Committee said it would ask Trump to initiate a supplemental background investigation into ‘current credible allegations’ against Kavanaugh, limited to a week.” (Reuters)

Resistance works, people. We forced them into this.