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Trump, Kavanaugh, Ford & Sexual Assault

Of course Trump is tweeting about Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh this morning. (Here: 1, 2, 3, 4.) I’m only shocked that he managed to keep his mouth shut this long.

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And I mean… just… ug.

But of course, that’s not all. I mean, it’s all for Trump, so far, although I’m sure there’ll be worse over the weekend once he has some spare time to really wind himself up. But also the GOP seems to be readying a “hey man, all rich white frat boys look the same, probably Ford just accused the wrong one” defense.

No, but for real. Respected conservative thinker Ed Whelan lost his damn mind on Twitter yesterday afternoon and went off the deep end with a 20-tweet conspiracy theory thread fingering a buddy of Kavanaugh’s as the real attempted rapist. And as nutty as the thread was (I read it yesterday but it’s since been deleted), it kind of seems like it was probably planned between a group of conservative Kavanaugh supporters, to some end or another. Apparently they thought defaming a private citizen was going to work out well for them?

What I don’t get about this whole bizarre situation is why the GOP is picking Kavanaugh as their hill to die on. Like, the guy is toxic. He’s been caught lying at his hearings, he’s got hella shady finances, and now he’s contending with a sexual assault allegation. Dump. Him.

It’s not like there’s any shortage of qualified conservative judges who’ll be happy to vote down Roe v. Wade. That’s all the GOP wants, right? So dump Kavanaugh and hustle through the appointment of literally any other conservative judge who’ll toe the party line for the next thirty years.

(Not that I support that plan. I’m just saying, if this is their goal, why are they screwing it up and shooting themselves in the foot over it?)

I can only think of two reasons why they’re clinging to Kavanaugh:

  1. The GOP just sucks at everything.
  2. Kavanaugh’s the guy who thinks presidents can’t be indicted or investigated, and they want that guy on the SCotUS in case the Democrats take back the House and Senate and actually scrape up the huevos to impeach Trump.

I mean, probably a bit of both, right? Also, I’m pretty sure the GOP is suffering from the same kind of Stockholm Syndrome that spouses of abusers get, where they just go along to get along. Trump is their abuser and they’re trying to avoid angering him.

Also-also, the GOP is full of power-hungry sociopaths who want everything for themselves and screw the future and the rest of us. That’s part of it too.

Anyway, happy Friday, you guys. This is barely the start of the day and I’m sure some more garbage is coming down the pipes, so brace yourselves.