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5TtRT: Spiders, Trump-Russia, Cape Town, Amber Wyatt & Nazis on YouTube

This morning’s popular story involves a woman, Cristina Miranda, who went to Georgetown Prep with Christine Ford and Brett Kavanaugh and who claims to remember hearing about the rape attempt after it happened.

Miranda wrote a Facebook post where she was pretty adamant that the rape happened and that she remembered hearing about it at school. When she was quizzed by a pack of rabid reporters, she backed down from her certainty some.

I want you to read Miranda’s story. Then I want you to read Amber Wyatt’s story, number 4 on my list below. Then I want you to just, you know, ruminate on the similarities.

5 Things to Read Today

  1. Boing Boing: Spiders blamed after broken siren played creepy nursery rhymes randomly at night to UK townsfolk – I don’t even know what to say about this. You have to read it.
  2. New York Times: Unraveling the Russia Story So Far – The New York Times has a great big overview-type article about the Trump-Russia-2016 Elections mess. Grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and give it a go. Good stuff.
  3. The Atlantic: Cape Town Is an Omen – So, you remember several months back when it was reported Cape Town was going to run out of water? Well, they didn’t. Here’s the story.
  4. Washington Post: What do we owe her now? – In 2006 Amber Wyatt reported she’d been raped. Unfortunately for her she was a party girl who was reporting two popular members of the local high school sports team, so instead of getting justice she was harassed out of town.
  5. Alternative Influence: Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube – YouTube is facing a serious problem with their algorithms and some of their userbase. Their “related video” algorithms devolve into suggesting nazi rhetoric and right-wing BS almost instantly, and they’ve got an extensive and savvy userbase of nazis and right-wing BSers promoting themselves across the platform.