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5TtRT: National Bow Tie Day Edition

11th Doctor - Bowties are cool.

It’s National Bow Tie Day, so I’m obligated by law to post this .gif. Also, I have the worst cold right now, so I’m not feeling up to much. Here are some things to read.

5 Things To Read Today

  1. CNBC: Special counsel Robert Mueller’s team kept asking witnesses about Michael Cohen’s involvement with the 2016 Trump campaign, even after April FBI raid
  2. New York Times: Trump Attacks Google With Claim It Is Burying Conservative News
  3. CNN: GSA head silent on Trump’s role in FBI building decision, watchdog says
  4. Washington Post: North Carolina’s gerrymandered map is unconstitutional, judges rule, and may have to be redrawn before midterms
  5. NBC News: In closed-door meeting, Trump told Christian leaders he got rid of a law. He didn’t.