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5TtRT: Puerto Rico, Jamil Smith, foreign election interference, humiliated nazis, & both-sidesism

It’s being a surprisingly quiet day, news-wise. So far, I mean. There’s still the Manafort trial going on, though I wouldn’t expect to hear anything back about that today. Here’s five quick things to look through while we’re waiting to see if anything interesting turns up.

5 Things to Read Today

  1. Vox: It took 11 months to restore power to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. A similar crisis could happen again.
  2. Rolling Stone: Jamil Smith: Racism Isn’t Just When You Say N*gger
  3. Washington Post: 4 in 10 Republicans think foreign election interference would be a minor problem — or no problem at all
  4. The Hill: White supremacist rally leader gets yelled at by his dad during livestream
  5. AR Moxon: Bubbles 10 – Both Sides