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Rick Gates testified in the Manafort trial today.

Rick gates was Paul Manafort’s right hand man for a decade or more, and he’s the star witness in Manafort’s trial. He testified today, saying, basically, “Oh, yeah, Paul and me? We committed all the crimes. So many crimes. I did some crimes on my own, too.” Read about it here.

Stephen Colbert - Popcorn
Me reading up on Rick Gates’ testimony.

In other news, Jared Kushner used to personally order the removal of stories he didn’t like from his newspaper, the New York Observer, a fact which I hope doesn’t surprise anyone.

A federal judge has ordered the DACA program to be fully reinstated by August 23, and Jeff Sessions is pretty miffed about it.

Speaking of judges, Trump’s SCotUS pick, Brett Kavanaugh, thinks presidents are allowed to ignore laws they think are unconstitutional. Which is ridiculous, in case you didn’t know. We don’t have a king, we have a president, and presidents are controlled by rule of law. Otherwise presidents could be doing things like declaring Congress unconstitutional and disbanding them and whatnot.

Also, Ryan Broderick over at Buzzfeed had laid out a case for the QAnon conspiracy being a “leftist prank” on conservatives, but I dunno. I mean, okay, the article makes a couple of points, and it’s amusing to think that might be the case, but overall the argument seems a bit thin.