5TtRT: Brett Kavanaugh, the new Mueller indictments & more

Here’s a handful of articles about the new Mueller indictments that came down today, plus a bit from SCotUSBlog about Brett Kavanaugh, and a funny bit from Ars Technica.

5 Things To Read Today

Couple of quick notes, here.

The escape room burglar? Is absolutely the best thing I’ve read all week. I’ve been dying all morning over this.

Since this is the first time I’m linking to them that I can think of, Emptywheel is a professional blog written by lawyers, independent journalists, and writers and experts of various stripes. The writer of the article linked below is Marcy Wheeler, an independent natsec journalist who’s published articles at various professional news outlets and other publications, been on TV, and is an all-around reliable reporter.

Vox.com has several articles about today’s election hacking news and indictments, so it’s worth heading over there for a scroll through their front page.

5 Things to Read Today

All right, folks, it’s Friday. Get outta here.

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