One quick thing I wanted to mention before I get off the Internet for the weekend: Back in February the DHS released an article that’s, um… not sure how to describe it. Nazi-ish? Here’s the article: We Must Secure The Border And Build The Wall To Make America Safe Again.

So, you can read the article and at first blush probably you’re not gonna notice anything weird about it. But what set everyone off is that the first part of the title, “We Must Secure,” is part of the neo nazi “14 Words” mantra, and that near the bottom of the article, it uses a weird ratio, “13 out of 88” claims. “88” is another nazi call-out.

You can read about this here: Twitter Explodes After Homeland Security Headline Appears to Mimic ’14-Words’ Neo-Nazi Slogan.

I don’t know if someone at the DHS is a neo nazi, if a bunch of someones at the DHS are neo nazis, or if this is just a conspiracy theory. Here’s what I do know: The “white power” movement has been trying to infiltrate government jobs and police forces for ten years or more, and they’ve had a fair amount of success at it.

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