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5TtRT: Net Neutrality, paper shredding, Obama, the ‘Trump doctrine,’ & voting

IHOP rebranded as “IHOB,” with the “B” standing for “burgers,” which was apparently all just a marketing thing that isn’t going to stick anyway, so it’s safe to ignore. However, there was this –

Wendy's vs. IHOP
Wendy’s vs. IHOP: Read it here on Twitter.

– which you have to admit is pretty spectacular and makes me like Wendy’s a whole lot more and IHOP a whole lot less. At any rate…

5 Things to Read Today

Washington Post: The FCC’s net neutrality rules are officially repealed today. Here’s what that really means.
The Obama-era net neutrality rules officially end today. That doesn’t mean it’s over for good. We still have some court cases brewing, plus a hail mary in the House of Republicans, but this is definitely one to put on your To Do List for after we take back the government.

Politico: Meet the guys who tape Trump’s papers back together
Apparently Trump shreds just about every piece of paper that crosses his desk, and some poor bunch of people in the government has to tape them all back together. The obvious reason he does this is all the crimes, of course, but also,

Politico: Inside Obama’s secret meetings with 2020 contenders
Former President Obama’s been meeting with possible 2020 contenders on the downlow, offering advice and whatnot, although apparently not making endorsements or anything yet. Cue Trump’s “DEEP STATE CONSPIRACY!!1!” outrage in 3… 2…

The Atlantic: A Senior White House Official Defines the Trump Doctrine: ‘We’re America, Bitch’
Says a “senior White House official,” “The Trump Doctrine is ‘We’re America, Bitch.’ That’s the Trump Doctrine.” This is one of the first things I read this morning and I rolled my eyes so hard I think I pulled a muscle.

New York Times: Supreme Court Upholds Ohio’s Purge of Voting Rolls
“The court ruled that a state may kick people off the rolls if they skip a few elections and fail to respond to a notice from state election officials. The vote was 5 to 4, with the more conservative justices in the majority.”

I cannot say this strongly enough: Make sure you’re registered to vote, that you stay registered to vote, and that you actually get out and vote this upcoming election.