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5TtRT: Roseanne, Puerto Rico, North Korea, Donald Trump, & Melania Trump

Related to our first article today, there’s apparently a conservative push on Twitter to get Bill Maher’s show canceled in retaliation for Roseanne’s show being canceled, and the liberal response to this is, “Yes, please cancel that also.”

There was a brief moment about two decades ago when Bill Maher was a liberal star. I think it lasted about twenty minutes? And then everyone realized he was just a massive douchebag who was into quack medicine and thinking he was better than everyone else, and we all stopped watching him. So yeah, sure, go ahead and cancel whatever it is he’s doing these days. No one will miss him.

Except maybe libertarians? I think they still watch him.

5 Things to Read Today

Vox: ABC cancels Roseanne
Today’s big news, somehow, is Roseanne’s rebooted show getting canceled because Roseanne said racist crap on Twitter. Important note: Roseanne has been saying racist crap on Twitter pretty much since she joined. She’s been a nightmare for decades. She was a nightmare during the first Roseanne. I have no idea what ABC was thinking putting her back on TV.

Washington Post: Harvard study estimates thousands died in Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Maria
The official death toll for Puerto Rico for Hurricane Maria was like 65 people, but anyone who was paying any attention at all knew that was BS. A new Harvard estimate puts the death toll at 4,645 people. And that’s mostly due to the Trump administration going, “Eh, brown people. Whatever.” and just not sending enough help, fast enough.

AP: White House: US ‘continues to actively prepare’ for summit
The other day Trump canceled the North Korea summit. Except everyone’s still planning for it? No one will admit if it is or isn’t back on and at this point I’m just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Business Insider: Trump worried that using the term ‘deep state’ would make him sound like too much of a crank — until he saw that it played well in conservative media
This is important to note. Everything is marketing with Trump. The man has no opinions, ideas, or stances of his own, beyond what he thinks he can sell to you, or what he sees will play well on TV. He’s an empty shell.

Politico: White House silence on Melania stokes conspiracy theories
My general impression of Melania is that she simply does not give a single crap about any of this White House business and is having as little as humanly possible to do with it. If one of the conspiracy theories were to win out, though, my bet would be on the one that says Trump beat her up. I mean, we already know from one of his past wives (Ivanna? In a book, maybe?) that he’s not above slapping women around.