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Some Asshole shot up another school this morning.

Some Asshole shot up a school in Santa Fe, Texas, this morning. Ten people were killed, including a teacher, I think. Lots of others were injured. Two suspects are apparently in custody. One is believed to be the shooter, and the other might be an accomplice. (CNN)

As always, grain of salt on the details until the dust settles. The details are often incorrect at first.

I don’t know what I’m supposed to say about this. I guess I could talk about gun control or terrorism, or the alienation of young men leading to raged-out shootings. I guess I could go on Twitter and argue with idiots advancing the fascitious “What about mental health care?!” argument.

I could demand to know how many dead kids it’s gonna take before we do something, but the answer is obvious: There is no upper limit.

We’re clearly not going to do anything about gun control. We also aren’t doing anything about mental health.

We’ve apparently just decided that twice-a-week doses of dead kids is fine.

Just. Fine.

The only answer I have for you is to stop sending your kids to school. Just stop. It’s time to strike. Walk out, and don’t go back until Congress does something. Don’t go back for days. Don’t go back for weeks. Don’t go back for months, if that’s what it takes.

I don’t know how that works, honestly. People rely on school for daycare. Some kids need to go just to eat. We’re gonna have to figure that part out as a community. But I don’t know what else we can do.

We say we’ll vote better people in, but we don’t. The progressives we have voted in are either powerless or refuse to do anything for fear of being voted out. I don’t see another solution here. Stay home, kids. Stay home and let the pressure build until these sociopaths in Congress are forced to act.