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Donald Trump, Don Trump Jr., net neutrality, open floor plans & conservative conspiracy theories

Yesterday Trump referred to undocumented immigrants as “animals.”

Fox News people are trying to walk it back, saying he was talking about gang members like MS-13, but we’re talking about a president who called Mexicans rapists and criminals, tried to ban Muslims from coming to America, refuses to aid an expanding refugee crisis in Europe because the refugees are all brown and mostly Muslim, said that some nazis were probably fine people, and is planning to run concentration camps for kids being brought across the Mexican border to America by their undocumented parents.

We see you, Trump. We see your nasty racism, and all the Fox News talking heads and White House PR goons in the world can’t hide it.

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In other news, the Senate Judiciary Committee kicked out about 2,500 pages of documents from its investigation into the Trump Tower meeting between Russian “lawyer” Natalia Veselnitskaya and Trump folks like Don Jr. and Paul Manafort.

So far from the documents we’ve learned that Don Jr. might have talked to his father before and after the meeting, indicating that Trump knew about it; that Veselnitskaya only really had one tip against the DNC to offer and it wasn’t great; and that the Russian social network, VK, might have offered to help Trump market to Russian-Americans.

Also that Don Jr. has the same kind of serious memory problem that’s plaguing a lot of the Trumpsters. Someone should look into that.

On the net neutrality front, we passed the vote in the Senate. Now we need to rally enough support in the House of Representatives to force a vote there, pass that vote, and get it to Trump’s desk to be signed. Steep odds, there. Cross your fingers and raise hell, folks.

Meanwhile, it turns out that open floor plan-style houses just mean that women end up doing more work while other people socialize, which is leading to a sort of trend in “messy kitchens,” or smaller prep- and cleanup-oriented kitchens hidden in smaller rooms behind “public” kitchens, in open floor plans. I dunno people. Maybe just help your host do the damn dishes when you’re at someone’s house? Or leave them to later and cope with looking at dishes in the sink? This is not difficult.

Conservatives apparently have a new conspiracy theory: the FBI planted a mole in the Trump campaign. And that’s… illegal, somehow? I guess? I mean, the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign at the time, and having informants and planting people undercover in criminal organizations is, y’know, legal, and how the FBI generally does things.

So I guess the conspiracy theory is basically just conservative “news” outlets lying to people about how investigations work. Assuming there even was some kind of undercover informant planted by the FBI, which seems unlikely considering how happy most of the Trumpsters are to run off at the mouth.