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Net Neutrality Update

UPDATE: Pop the champagne, folks, we did it!

‘The Senate today voted 52-47 to disapprove the FCC’s recent order replacing 2015’s net neutrality rules, a pleasant surprise for internet advocates and consumers throughout the country.’ – TechCrunch.

Now we’ve got to get this thing through the House of Representatives, and then, somehow, get it signed by Trump. And we have to do it before this Congressional session ends in December, or we start all over again.

Celebrate today. This is a win. But get ready to make some noise tomorrow. We aren’t done yet.

Today is the vote to save net neutrality. If it passes in the Senate, it’ll go to the House.

@fightfortheftr: “BREAKING: Republican Senators @lisamurkowski and @SenJohnKennedy have bravely stood up to special interests to side with the vast majority of voters from across the political spectrum and have voted YES on motion to proceed to a vote to restore #NetNeutrality. Final vote soon!”

@SenMarkey: “The motion to proceed on my resolution to save #NetNeutrality just passed. The final vote will be around 3 PM ET. Keep making your voices heard on the phones and online! Be a part of history.”

That’s about noon PST, folks. Stay tuned.