Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving for two.

Since we were doing Thanksgiving for two this year, we got Cornish game hens, which we stuffed with lemon and onions and rubbed with garlic and butter. We did roasted baby potatoes and ginger glazed carrots, plus sausage stuffing muffins, dinner rolls, and cranberry sauce. It was a good dinner.

I’m thankful for many things this year, including that my friends and family are safe and healthy, that my boyfriend and I are safe and healthy, and that we’re weathering 2020’s challenges well enough. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Addams Family AU

An artist did a spectacular take on an alternate universe Addams Family.

This just bubbled up in my Twitter timeline and I love it to pieces.

Be sure to check out the character designs and thought processes on Tumblr, too.