Satyrs in a kids’ movie?

I think people need to read more mythology before they write a movie.

Is Momoa meant to be a satyr here, and if so, did anyone read anything about satyrs before they paired one with a child on a magical adventure? Because, um.

I guess he might be more of a faun, which is slightly better? I mean, fauns aren’t quite so clearly associated with debauched orgies as satyrs are.

Science misinformation, Arkansas’ new anti-transgender law, the ‘border crisis, more.

Some thoughts on Arkansas’ new anti-transgender law, Mike Pence running for president, the so-called border crisis, science misinformation under Trump, and other newsy odd n’ ends.

I’m pretty excited – we have a new bed showing up sometime today. I feel a little bad about getting a new bed so soon after buying a new mattress like two years ago, but I stumbled over an amazing deal on a good name brand mattress, and this one’s a queen as opposed to the double we’ve been sleeping on for years. I’m really looking forward to having more room for the dog to hog up in bed.

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The big boat, infrastructure, the filibuster, & more.

A quick look at the morning news, including stuff about the Suez Canal boat, the filibuster, Biden’s infrastructure plan, and more.

I see is forcing people to use the new Gutenberg editor now. At least, I can’t find a way to get to the classic editor.

Y’know, I liked Gutenberg when it debuted, but after using it for a few weeks I realized it was mostly just in my way.

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Fox News trying to rile up Gen X.

Seriously, we can barely be bothered to show up for the stuff we DO support, let alone Fox News’ garbage.

No thank you, Fox News. We didn’t like your racist homophobic bullshit when we were kids and we aren’t here for it now, either.